Certus understands that your clients care more about their financial futures than what the “financial experts” on TV recommend. Our professionals have a full suite of investment vehicles from mutual funds, equities, variable annuities, alternative investments and investment banking services. Certus won’t tell you what to sell. We will simply help you do what you do best: helping your clients meet their financial goals and developing long-term relationships with them.

Financial Planning

Our goal is always to help you find financial success. Our financial advisors will help you by providing tools and expertise to help you meet those goals.

Your financial advisor will work with you to customize a financial portfolio for you with a goal of meeting your needs and giving you peace of mind. Using our proprietary solutions, they will take your portfolio to the next level from development and full execution to monitoring for any changes on a daily basis.


Certus uses proprietary technology and utilizes strategic relationships with some of the finest technology providers in the world.  These alliances give our financial experts the tools they need to help their clients succeed.  Some of our partners include, but are not limited to, Docupace, Techmate, Redtail, Fidelity, Smarsh, Envestnet, Keep it Safe, EMoney and Google.

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