Rick Roberts launched the concept of a national independent broker-dealer firm in 2012, and TCFG has rapidly expanded its national footprint ever since. Forming a partnership with other like-minded financial professionals, TCFG offers retail wealth management, financial planning, insurance services and investment banking services (business advisory) tailored to the needs of high net-worth individuals, large institutions and business owners large and small.  The objective remains today to build an investment process for clients that results in a better experience.

What sets us apart and differentiates us from others?

  • Our members have many years of expertise in managing financial portfolios, building lasting relationships with their clients and laying out a path to a financial plan given ones objective and risk tolerance.
  • Our back office provides access to investment products of different types from around the globe, all of which provide our advisors with more time to focus on and address client needs.
  • Our independence and flexibility; we are not tied to any one family of investments or insurance product manufacturer.  This allows us to provide services and advice beholden to no one and to take a “best of breed” approach.

Today, we have thousands of clients around the country, with a vast team of financial experts with deep experience helping each of them manage their finances and realize goals.

Certus Work Values

Our goal is to make a difference by caring for our clients in an effective and ethical manner. We are always looking to improve our relationships with our clients to make sure we are nurturing long-term relationships, which will translate into success for our clients. Our goals also include fostering relationships with the communities we serve.

Diversity and Inclusion

Certus is 100% committed to maintaining a diverse workforce throughout our operations. We believe in retaining employees from all backgrounds, as that enables our company to see the world from varying perspectives. We will always strive to maintain our diversity through active recruitment and high retention, which in turn helps us provide the highest level of service to our clients.